At Sustain Awards, sustainable development is at the heart of our philosophy. We offer personalized trophies that embody commitment and environmental awareness.

Our awards are created using recycled materials and environmentally friendly processes. With minimalist design and striking lines, we set trends in style and sustainability.

Discover plaques, medals and trophies with extensive customization options in our catalog. We offer personalized trophies to convey your special message and make your event unique.

If you want a unique and unrepeatable award for your awards ceremony and need a special design, our creative team will design custom event trophies to your specifications.

Prestigious organizations such as Deloitte, La Caixa or Ecoembes trust Sustain Awards as their leading trophy design partner. Bring environmental awareness to your event with our sustainable and personalized trophies.

Find the perfect personalized trophy for your event in our catalog. Add sustainability to your event with eco-design from Sustain Awards.

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FAQ about

What options do you offer for personalized trophies?

We offer a wide range of personalized trophies that can be designed according to your wishes.

You can have engravings, colors and shapes personalized according to your ideas to create a unique award.

Why should you personalize a trophy?

When we present a trophy, we want the person in question to feel that they have been specially rewarded for their achievements. We want them to feel that the contribution they have made - in whatever way - is appreciated by other people.

The best way to achieve this is to create a personalized trophy for this special occasion, either by engraving or customizing it. By inscribing a phrase or a motif, we communicate to the person exactly what we want to convey.

We can be as emotional as we want, it's a unique moment that will be captured forever on the award presented. Historical quotes, jokes, compliments... there are countless ways to express the admiration and recognition that comes with the award.

There's nothing like personalized trophies to make your event unique!

How can I be sure that I am buying sustainable trophies?

At Sustain Awards, we ensure that our trophies are produced sustainably through a careful selection of renewable materials and efficient production processes.

In addition, we work with suppliers who meet our high ethical and environmental standards to ensure that our awards are as sustainable as possible.

On each of our trophies you will find an environmental label describing the materials and manufacturing processes used, as well as the volume of CO2 emissions and other relevant information.

Buying trophies from Sustain Awards is a guarantee of eco-design and sustainability.