Kings League World Cup, 2024
Kings League World Cup, 2024 trophy
Kings League World Cup, 2024
Kings League World Cup, 2024 trophy

Kings League World Cup, 2024

The trophy of the Kings League World Cup, created by Sustain Awards, reflects a deep commitment to sustainability. Utilizing eco-friendly materials, this award not only celebrates success in football but also highlights the importance of environmental responsibility in sports, promoting greener practices in a competitive global environment.


The trophy of the Kings League World Cup, an exclusive creation by Sustain Awards, is much more than a sports award. This trophy has been meticulously designed using recycled and sustainable materials, reflecting the league's commitment to environmentally responsible practices. The Kings League, an initiative by Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos, has distinguished itself by revolutionizing traditional football by integrating technology and entertainment elements that attract a global and young audience.

Its innovative format includes unique rules and constant interaction with fans through digital platforms, allowing supporters to influence important decisions during matches. This trophy symbolizes excellence in this vibrant and modern environment, where football meets sustainability and technology.

By honoring the champion of the Kings League World Cup, the trophy not only celebrates athletic triumph but also underscores the importance of integrating ecological practices in large-scale sports events, thereby promoting a positive impact on both the sport and the planet.


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Recycled post-consumer plastic

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